Phil James, has a diverse blend of experience which is invaluable to the MediLife team, as the Operations Director.

Get to know Phil James

What motivated you to join the MediLife Team?

I worked with Ian, our MD, previously. So that was my starting point. I enjoyed the working relationship we had, and was extremely happy to discuss the ambition he had for the company, and what my involvement would be. Opportunities like this are rare, and this was one I could not resist.


What excites you the most about what you do at MediLife?

Working alongside a small team of highly experienced, and talented people is an absolute joy. The opportunity to bring new technology to benefit patients is the driver. I have always worked with patients in mind. ‘What is it I can do today that will improve their current situation?’ Working here provides the possibility to do just that. The more successful we are, the more other companies will wish to align their offering alongside ours.


Could you tell us a little bit about your background?

I do not come from a traditional Medtech/Pharma background. My early days were spent in the construction industry, before completing my B Ed Hons to train as a teacher. I entered the pharma industry some 26 years ago, and have never looked back. The majority of time has been spent in the rare disease space, in sales and management.


What are you looking most forward to this year with MediLife?

Successful recruitment and continued positive outcomes in our clinical study for a new breast biopsy device, NeoNavia. Building the strategy and supporting the introduction of a truly innovative pain-free method of breast-scanning. The companies we work with have so much to offer patients, and it is our responsibility that they gain access to these innovative products. I am excited to be part of the solution for patients, whilst at the same time solve problems for the NHS.


What are your thoughts around launching MedTech in the UK?

The UK has always been recognised as a key geography for launching new products. The NHS vision for MedTech is, ‘The Right Product; The Right Price; The Right Place. We fully understand where our partners’ products align with this vision. This means the UK is a fantastic opportunity for companies to prove that what they have to offer matches the demand.