SwiftMR is a deep learning-based MRI reconstruction solution to recognise traits of noise and remove it as well as enhancing resolution.

Our solution offers a Trust the chance to upgrade their legacy MRI scanners to cover all body sequences, speed up patient scan time and increase patient flow.

- Covers ALL body parts, ALL pulse sequences, and ALL manufacturers’ MRIs 3.0T or lower.
- Reduces MRI scan time by up to 50% through protocol optimisation for various body parts.
- Improves MRI scanner productivity without requiring any changes in the conventional workflow or any hardware and software upgrades.

Trained to recognise noice and noise only, artefacts remain and non-existent signals cannot be created.

Vendor neutral and simple to install.

An original workflow in an MRI scan room is that the DICOM data goes from MRI to PACS. To use SwiftMR, we install a gateway PC inside your Trust to de-indentify the patient data. Now, you are sending DICOM data from MRI to Gateway PC and you will automatically receive reconstructed data on your PACS. All image reconstruction will be processed on our server in Frankfurt. The image process and transfer takes less than 2 minutes.

Swift MR