ClariCT.AI distiguished thousands of noise patterns from noisy low dose to ultra-low dose CT images and produces high quality CT images

Our solution offers a Trust the chance to upgrade their legacy CT scanners to cover all body sequences, increase diagnostic confidence and reduce patient radiation exposure.

- Enhanced image clarity allows users to optimise the trade off between image quality and radiation dose
- Preserves the natural image texture and anatomical structures while clearing quantum noises
- Reduces the need to change existing CT scanners and increases the life of your X-ray tubes

Vendor neutral and simple to install.

An original workflow in an CT scan room is that the DICOM data goes from CT scanner to PACS. To use ClariCT.AI, we install a gateway PC inside your Trust to de-indentify the patient data. Now, you are sending DICOM data from MRI to Gateway PC and you will automatically receive reconstructed data on your PACS.

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