MediLife, born from the vision to improve the delivery of healthcare services by utilising innovative MedTech solutions.

When did your MediLife journey begin?

The journey began in 2016 where initially my time was focused on working in consultancy roles supporting various MedTech and pharma companies to develop and implement their commercial and marketing strategies.

I was fortunate to be working with a Swedish start-up who asked for a greater level of support to launch their products in Europe. This ultimately led to me building the MediLife team and eventually managing all aspects of their UK and Ireland clinical and commercial operation.

What excites you the most about what you do at MediLife?

I love what I do! It’s exciting, not without challenges but every day is different and the products we support make a difference to patients, so it has true purpose.

As Managing Director, I get involved with all aspects of the business and I spend a significant amount of time with the end users of our clients products. This involves time in hospitals with mostly NHS and private consultants and front line NHS staff, that’s part of the job that I really enjoy.

Work doesn’t feel like work and that’s due to the people I work with. The MediLife team is like a family, and the nature of how we work reflects this. We build strong working relationships with our clients, it’s a true shared journey.

Our clients are typically innovators and as such, the people are very positive and share a ‘can-do, get the job done’ attitude. This makes for a very refreshing and energising environment to work in.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I left university with an honours degree in Maths and Physics, competed as a professional golfer for 5 years whilst running my own business in golf before finding a career in Pharmaceuticals.

I was successful in sales and marketing roles and my career progressed quickly, but I always had a desire to be in control of my own destiny. In 2016, I made the leap and started up on my own. I’ve never looked back and I’ve learned so much since starting out. Finding solutions to problems, learning new things and about new technology is something I’ve always enjoyed, and now get to do it almost daily which is great.

What are you looking most forward to this year with MediLife?

I’m really excited to be working with innovative companies in areas of healthcare that haven’t seen much innovation over the past 20 years. Particularly in women’s health and breast radiology, which hasn’t been historically well served, regarding new technology. I truly believe our no-compression breast-CT, alternative to mammography could be a game changer for women undergoing breast cancer screening and diagnosis.

We want to continue partnering with innovative MedTech companies to drive the uptake of new technology. We’re all patients and we can all benefit.

What are your thoughts around launching new MedTech in the UK market?

The UK is an exciting place to be currently. For sure there are more access challenges for non-UK MedTech companies post Brexit but for overseas companies, the UK continues to be an attractive market. We have many Global opinion leaders and major centres of excellence with global influence.

The NHS recognise the need to expedite the introduction of new technology. This technology alongside the adoption of new healthcare delivery models will ultimately enable more rapid diagnosis and treatment for patients. To be at the forefront and driving change, with truly outstanding products, presents a fantastic opportunity.

As a company I believe we are well placed to bridge the gap between clinical trial and commercial success and I’m truly excited about the thought of who we will meet in the next 12 months and beyond.